Annual Report

Cardiovascular medicine and surgery are rapidly evolving fields that have led the way toward evidence based care of patients with life-altering diseases. As physicians associated with The Christ Hospital, we have at our disposal the widest array of the latest technologies as well as a firm organizational commitment to explore newer, better approaches to patient care. The Heart and Vascular Center at The Christ Hospital was established to streamline the delivery of cardiovascular care so that the truest measure of success–outcomes–are optimized. This is an effort that requires physicians dedicated to identifying and addressing potential pitfalls in clinical care, nursing staff focused on patient safety and well-being, and an administration that listens and leads at the same time. It is an effort that requires patience and attention to detail, innovative research and ability to “think outside the box,” and a tireless commitment to treat each patient as we would wish “our mothers to be treated.” We hope you will read more in our Annual Report Cardiovascular Outcomes.


Eugene S. Chung, MD
Director, Outcomes, The Christ Hospital Heart and Vascular Center
Director, Heart Failure Program, The Ohio Heart and Vascular Center
Associate Director, Heart Failure Division, The Carl & Edyth Lindner Research Center
at The Christ Hospital