NYU Heart Attack Research Program (NYU HARP)

1.     To use three-vessel OCT in patients with MINOCA to identify vascular causes, at the time of diagnostic angiography. These include plaque disruption (rupture, erosion or calcified nodule with thrombus), dissection and coronary artery spasm.

2.     To assess plaque composition in patients with MINOCA using OCT.

3.     To assess myocardial abnormalities in patients with MINOCA using CMR. This includes areas of late gadolinium enhancement and myocardial edema. Multiple CMR techniques will be used to identify edema, using a standardized imaging protocol.

4.     To synthesize findings of OCT and CMR to identify the underlying etiology of MINOCA in women and men.

5.     the proportion of patients for whom an etiology can be clearly identified after combining OCT and CMR.

6.     To create a clinical prediction model for plaque disruption on OCT in patients with MINOCA.

7.     To investigate whether patients with MINOCA have higher pre-event stress levels than patients with MI and obstructive CAD.

8.     To identify any sex differences in the primary and secondary outcomes.

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Primary Investigator: Odayme Quesada