EXACT (Xylocor)

A Phase 1/2 Trial of Direct Administration of AdVEGF-All6A+, a Replication Deficient Adenovirus Vector Expressing a cDNA/Genomic Hybrid of Human VEGF, to the Ischemic Myocardium of Subjects With Angina Pectoris

EXACT (Xylocor) [NCT04125732]

- To evaluate the safety and tolerability of XC001 through 6 months following a one-time epicardial administration to subjects who have refractory angina - XyloCor (XyloCor Therapeutics, Inc.) Gene Therapy, Phase 1/2, First In Human, Multi-Center, Open Label, Non Randomized, Single Arm Dose Escalation Trial of Epicardial delivery of XC001 Gene therapy for refractory angina coronary treatment (The EXACT Trial): treatment of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease that is refractory to drug therapy and unsuitable for revascularization via coronary artery bypass graft or percutaneous coronary intervention. - XC001 will be administered by Transthoracic EpiCardial Procedure or TECAP, a minimally invasive surgical approach for transthoracic epicardial access, directly to the free wall of the left ventricle of subjects

Primary Investigator: Tim Henry, M.D.