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Lindner Research Center Staff

The staff of the Lindner Research Center is composed of registered nurses, medical assistants, technicians and secretarial and administrative staff.

Our nurses possess extensive critical care experience, assuring the essential knowledge and flexibility needed to initiate and manage a wide range of trials.

Medical assistants and technicians serve as research associates and project support staff, using their strong clinical skills and advanced knowledge in clinical research procedures. They possess the ability to independently coordinate Phase III and IV trials and registry protocols, while still offering support to research nurses and investigators.

Our secretarial and administrative support staff enhances and supports our complex communications while creating and maintaining all of our essential documents. They are the links that keep the group connected to our physicians, sponsors, patients and each other.

Together, The Lindner Research Center Staff has been able to address all the needs and requirements of the 1,200 Investigation Device Exemptions (IDE)  and Investigational New Drug (IND) trials it has performed to date, representing a complete scope of study phases.


Operational Divisions

In an effort to manage continuance of all functions, The Lindner Research Center staff is further divided into three groups:

• Regulatory
• Screening
• Clinical Management


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