Screening Team

Information about the Lindner Research Center's Screening Team

Screening Team

This group is the “engine” in our research process. The team is composed of experienced registered nurses who must understand the inclusion/exclusion criteria for our 125 active trials. As one of these screeners opens a medical record, he/she screens that patient across the board for all applicable trials. This enables the physicians to choose the most appropriate treatment options available to their patients.

The result of the Screening Team's concept is to:

  • Provide greater efficiency in record review
  • Present greater expertise in navigating the multiple sources of patient information
  • Supply a clinically knowledgeable contact for the physicians regarding patient eligibility questions or trial design
  • Offer an experienced clinical research contact to help guide the patient and family through the process of entering a clinical trial
  • Allow freedom for the project coordinator to focus on patient care needs and data entry

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