JVS-100 Registry

A Registry to Assess the Ongoing Safety for Subjects That Have Been Randomized and Completed a Juventas Sponsored Heart Failure Protocol Under IND # 14203

JVS-100 Registry [NCT02115568]

Description: This is an exploratory registry that will include subjects who have been randomized to receive JVS-100 treatment (at one of multiple doses) or placebo by one of a number of delivery systems (e.g. endomyocardial injection, retrograde infusion) in a previous Juventas clinical trial.

Primary Investigator: Chung

Drug/Device Information
A registry to assess the ongoing safety for subjects that have been randomized and completed a Juventas sponsored heart failure protocol under IND 14203
This is strictly a registry observational study; therefore, subjects will not receive study medication
Juventas Therapeutics, Inc.
Major Inclusion and Exclusion
Subjects who have completed a study under IND 14203